Purse Organizer



  • PROTECT YOUR BAGS FROM WEAR AND TEAR. Gaudy Guru purse organizers will help keep everything in its place inside your purse, handbag, or tote. This purse organizer is not just for keeping your handbag items organized, but it will also help to protect your bag’s liner from wear and tear. Think about what an open container of lipstick can do to your expensive designer bag!
  • ELEGANT LOOKS AND EFFECTIVE CLUTTER CONTROL. This premium purse organizer looks beautiful in your bag and can be used inside out to create a new look. The stable, flat bottom of our purse organizer allows you to quickly review what’s in your purse organizer before changing bags. It makes finding your belongings predictable, regardless of which bag or briefcase it is kept in. You can use these as a drawer organizer as well to find things in your drawer easily.
  • ADDS SHAPE NOT WEIGHT. The sides are firm, so they provide great structure to your slouchy bags. The organizer is 4” wide x 9 ½” long x 6 ¼” high and when expanded measures 5 ½” wide x 12” long. They have 11 pockets to keep your items organized and snaps and zippers to help the organizer expand and contract to fit a variety of purses.
  • LONG-LASTING AND EASY TO MAINTAIN, EASILY MOVES FROM BAG TO BAG. Our purse organizers are made of very durable Nylon and need very little care in terms of its maintenance – just machine wash and air dry! We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our products because we know that you are bound to love them. Now you are no longer stuck with one utilitarian black bag because you are too lazy to unload all of its contents to use another bag for a few hours.

Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver