Best Makeup Life Hacks

Busy women are always on the dilemma of putting makeup while actually wanting to save much time, especially in the morning. You can’t simply go out from your house without makeup or put on your makeup within 5 minutes, right?

Well, here are some makeup hacks to help you cut your mornings without compromising your look.

Organize Your Beauty

This is quite heard more often. You always find yourself searching for that tinted red lip balm maybe because it’s in your gym bag, or you must have carried it somewhere. The trick is, always keep your makeup essentials in a place where you can see it often, or if you are to carry them, put them in a pouch, so you do not lose it. Also, place them on the bathroom counter a night before, so, in the morning, they are ready to be used. Sharpen lip and eye pencil.

Go for Double-Duty Products

Time-saving makeup hack means using a lesser number of products. Moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation just for the base would take a lot of time, so why not use one single product that can do all the job. Foundation with broad-spectrum SPF 20 can give your skin moisture while softening fine lines. Use a creme concealer with broad-spectrum SPF 15 to provide you with a moisturized and bright glow. Cream blush with vitamins and moisturizer are ideal for your cheeks and lips. Also, try dabbing a little tint on your cheeks using your favorite lipstick color.

Make Map Out

Who thought putting on makeup still needs planning? Well, to save time, you really should have planned it. If polishing brows and blending for your perfect skin tone is your primary problem, do it first before anything else. Try applying black liner to your top lash for a smoky look without having to apply for full makeup.

A Mani Goes a Long Way

Even without heavy makeup or with a “no-makeup look,” your nails can also make a statement. If you do not have time to have your nails polished or changed, remove it using a clear coat of strengthening base + topcoat for that added nail shine.

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