5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever experienced thinking about a lot of things and that you are so confused as to where you begin from your to-do list?  Have you tried putting it off and rushing once you start? Have you given up something you have always wanted because you think there’s no hope for revival? Do not […]

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How to Get Soft and Bouncy Hair

Washing our hair is one of the most hygienic practices we do. It is very common, and everybody knows how to wash their hair properly. Wash your hair with shampoo and then condition them. However, there is another hair care routine to give you soft and bouncy hair. What is it called? Reverse washing. Reverse

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Tips on Finding the Perfect Dress

Whether you’re attending a birthday party of a friend or you’re just adding something to your wardrobe, you’ll need a dress fit for all occasions. Do not hassle yourself by searching through your wardrobe. Take some time to look for that perfect dress you’ll confidently wear. Dress to impress. Know Your Silhouette Think about the

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Make Your Eyebrows Look Natural

Every single day, you struggle with eyebrows as doing this can get really difficult. You either have very thin or very thick and unnatural looking brows. Here are experts’ tips on how to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural. Pick The Right Color Finding the right color for your brows is very easy

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Best Makeup Life Hacks

Busy women are always on the dilemma of putting makeup while actually wanting to save much time, especially in the morning. You can’t simply go out from your house without makeup or put on your makeup within 5 minutes, right? Well, here are some makeup hacks to help you cut your mornings without compromising your

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Best Work Outfit Tips

Being a busy woman and working mother, fashion and OOTDs are sometimes quite impossible to achieve as following trends can sometimes be time-consuming. You’d end up wearing the same style with your 9AM to 5PM outfit. Fashion should not be that time consuming so give yourself a break and follow these style and beauty tips

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The Dos and Don’ts of Zit Care

As you enter your twenties, pimples start breaking out again though you thought you’ve passed that stage in high school. Blemishes come in different shapes and sizes and affects all ages so there’s no really escaping. Fortunately, those impurities and blemishes on your face will soon go away. Follow these simple dos and dont and

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