How to Get Soft and Bouncy Hair

Washing our hair is one of the most hygienic practices we do. It is very common, and everybody knows how to wash their hair properly. Wash your hair with shampoo and then condition them. However, there is another hair care routine to give you soft and bouncy hair. What is it called? Reverse washing.

Reverse washing is now a trend. Quite a challenge to the conventional and typical method of washing hair, but its effects are something you don’t want to miss. As suggested by its name, you reverse the process by conditioning your hair first then washing your hair with shampoo.

Why Is Reverse Washing Good for You?

Shampooing the hair can remove dirt and grease, but it also snatches away the hair’s natural oil. Conditioning the hair only use artificial oils to replenish the hair. So, switching the process means there is more protective layer and that the shampoo can’t take away the natural oils of the hair. This process is more gentle to the hair and is best for people with thin hair.

Reverse Washing Benefits

  1. Softer and more bouncy hair. For people with thin and flat hair, reverse washing makes the hair look bouncy and soft.

  2. Hair wash can be delayed. Since reverse washing preserves the natural oils of your hair, you can go on a long time without washing it, especially for those with hectic schedules and busy lives.

  3. Easy brushing. Hair fall is more common, especially with frizzy and tangled hair. Reverse washing makes your hair softer, so the risk of hair fall is lessened.
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