The Dos and Don’ts of Zit Care

As you enter your twenties, pimples start breaking out again though you thought you’ve passed that stage in high school. Blemishes come in different shapes and sizes and affects all ages so there’s no really escaping.

Fortunately, those impurities and blemishes on your face will soon go away. Follow these simple dos and dont and get rid of those pimples in no time.

Do: Practice Patience

You’re so tempted to pop that pimple out as its tip is already breaking out. Don’t ever do this. Your face will thank you later if you resist that temptation so just be patient. Popping pimples irritates your skin rather than cleanses it. It breaks capillaries and lead to scarring so better take a breath and grab the right products.

Do: Spot Treat

As soon as you see a pimple, treat it right away. A clay mask will draw out impurities and can even prevent it from forming. Products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid will help dry the zit out.

Don’t Ick

As much as you do not want your zit, do not try to touch or poke it. There should be no touching because your hands touch almost anything there is and touching your face will rather irritate it. The dirt in your fingertips will only make things worse.

Don’t Primp Your Pimple

Just like not touching it, do not cover your zit especially if you have a broken skin or you have insisted on popping it out. Instead, steam your face and then aly toner and antibacterial cream to make it heal faster. Covering it u often leads to scarring and you don’t want to have that.

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