Best Work Outfit Tips

Being a busy woman and working mother, fashion and OOTDs are sometimes quite impossible to achieve as following trends can sometimes be time-consuming. You’d end up wearing the same style with your 9AM to 5PM outfit. Fashion should not be that time consuming so give yourself a break and follow these style and beauty tips that you can easily mix and match.

Statement Necklaces

Necklaces do a great job in adding sophistication to your simple outfit. Elevate your style with bold and fearless necklaces. Some necklaces have stones and crystals which are best paired with simple work outfits like a pencil skirt and white blouse.

Layered Necklaces

This type of necklace can be very attractive but not that impressive unless you are working a job that you can dress up the way you want. Layered necklaces are best paired with simple earrings. Do not use overwhelming earrings since the necklaces are already layered enough. Framed or teardrop earrings will tone down the flow of accesories.

Subtle Bling

If a statement or layered necklaces are not your thing, you can still make a statement with simple pendant necklaces. Choker paired with Drop Earrings can be really classy and elegant. Simple necklaces may not be as attention-grabbing as layered ones but they sure can add glam to your outfit.

Statement Earrings

Necklaces can sometimes be really itchy and you want to skip the necklace thing, opt for making a bold statement with a pair of earrings. IF your job is quite formal, go for simple drop earrings but also add a touch of sophistication using mismatched ones. Statement earrings do not necessarily have to be huge.

Put A Ring On It

Without catching much attention can add a touch of glam to your outfit. Statement rings like those with insects or animals, or even floral themed once can speak for themselves. Choose a set of rings and spread it out to your fingers or stack ’em up in a single finger or two.

Arm Candy

Wearing watches and bracelets are subtle but elegant accessories you can wear anytime. You can put on a gold wristwatch or just the simple chain bracelets and yep, you’re good to go. If suitable, you can pop some colors with a cuff bracelet and match the look with a single statement ring on the opposite hand.

Be Bold

Bold doesn’t mean nude or pink but go for dark fuschia and red color. You become more confident in the day and glamorous at night giving you that Old Hollywood vibe.  Add some simple eye look since your lips are already bold. You could use some burnt orange or mauve pink lids blended out for that peach undertone and a not so thick eyeliner just to add some flair to your lashes. A simple line can be great enough but if you still have some time, try a simple winged eyeliner. Contour with some cheek bronzer and highlighter and that’s it! You’re good to go.

Mix And Match

Get away from the typical skirt and blouse combo. Instead, wear a crisp, pencil skirt with floral patches or details or just a simple outlined silhouette. A colored pleated skirt topped with a work-friendly frill blouse can work wonders. When choosing a top, use those with frills or bell sleeves not just the typical plain ones.

Leather Alternative

Leather leggings would not be that suitable for humid weather so pop on a leather jacket or blazer instead. Pair it off with ankle-length pants or jeans, simple plain top, and low-cut boots and then just add up some accessories. This look is perfect for both office and dinner setup.

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