Make Your Eyebrows Look Natural

Every single day, you struggle with eyebrows as doing this can get really difficult. You either have very thin or very thick and unnatural looking brows.

Here are experts’ tips on how to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural.

Pick The Right Color

Finding the right color for your brows is very easy if you know your skin’s undertone according to Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills.If you have a cooler undertone,opt for a slight ashy shade while warm undertone would go for a more gold tint.

Considering Layering

Good thing there are plenty of different eyebrow products to help your brows look its best. Powders, gels,pencils and pomades can make your eyebrows look really fleek. To make your eyebrows look fuller and stay in place, consider layering products.Layering gel with powder can make your brows stay together and look fuller.

Shape It Up

Once your eyebrows have been shaped especially by professionals, everything will be much easier. Defining to filling them in would be much easier and your brows are more presentable.

Maintain Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows need maintaining as what former Miss USA Olivia Culpo does. What she does is she plucks around 10 strands a day to keep the brows on shape.

Fill in The Middle First

Filling in the middle first will help you estimate the heaviness and boldness of your brows. Start filling with small brushstrokes following the direction of your natural hair growth. Then, use a spool to even out your brows.

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