How to Flaunt Your Curves

Despite the ideal body typeset by the fashion industry, curvy women like Ashley Graham, Kate Upton, and Tess Munster are setting new standards on how to flaunt women’s fashion. Clothing stores are transforming their barbie doll themed fashion to fit their plus size clienteles that have been sweeping the world as seen on fashion runways, magazines, and beauty ads.

If you are the curvy, plus size type, here are the top three fashion tips on how to style your curves.

Shop for Your Shape

Not all shapes are formed equally. Shape guides are helpful for you to choose your most flattering look. A diamond-shaped body means your waist is larger than your bust and his with balanced legs. You flatter your shape by wearing high-slit dresses and skinny jeans. If you are a triangle shape, fit and flare dresses will best work for your narrow shoulders and full hips.

Tailoring Is Timeless

Tailored pieces are essential for personal style. Many fashion stores might not offer clothes that fit perfectly, so having customized ones will be a perfect idea.

Flaunt It

Do not wear oversized and baggy clothes to try and cover up your curves. It does not look good and only emphasizes the wrong features. Choose fitting and flattering pieces instead to boost your confidence.

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