Protecting Your Hair for The Summer

Summer is fast approaching and we all know how damaging the sun’s heat can be to our hair. While we protect our skins so much, we don’t realize how much protection our hair needs. So if you want to keep a sun-kissed but not fried hair, here are some precautions you might want to check out.

Shampoo Rules: Sulfate-Free and Sparingly

You don’t need keratin treatment for gorgeous hair. Sulfate-free shampoos wash off less moisture from your hair especially if used sparingly. Do not wash every day. Try washing once or twice a week depending on hair texture.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking plenty is not just good for your skin and body, amazingly it’s good for your hair as well! Add a cold water rinse after a shower and use a nourishing conditioner or conditioning oil with lots of omega-3 oils to seal in natural moisture.

Air Dry Over Blow Dry

Let your hair air dry especially during the summer days. The right products will keep your hair healthy and untangles frizzies.

Hair Mask

Face masks may be the talk of the town but hair masks need not be left behind. The right mask cans often, smoothen and tame your hair. In fact, you’ll be wishing you could have used it sooner.

SPF on Top

Don’t just focus on your hair, nourish your scalp as well. A good headscarf, hat or ponytail will keep your scalp and hair safe. When swimming especially in chlorinated pools, use a swimming cap for protection. Scalp SPF is also a great option. It comes in a powder form and gets rid of dry, flaky scalp.

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