The Truth About Adulthood

As we grow and enter adulthood, keeping organized seems to be of top priority. Organizing can seem to overwhelm us, but there are tricks on how to manage life with ease.

Create Lists

Listing down things to do using to-do checklists can give you a sense of fulfillment upon accomplishment of each task At home, it is ideal that a daily to-do list is created to check things off by the next day. This is also a helpful idea for work. Another right way to do this is by adding a time period for each item. An example would be allowing 30 minutes for social media so that it will not distract and eat all your time up.

Put Everything In Its Place

Whether at work or at home, it is essential that documents are being filed to areas easy to find. Do not pile papers up on your desk, so make sure before the day ends, you have filed each document accordingly. This is a good habit of organization and also does not make you feel overwhelmed. An accordion folder with labels for bills, receipts, and other documents can be ideal to have at home.

Get Digital

With the help of modern technology and the digital world, scanning documents for a soft copy is absolutely a great idea. This can be very handy, especially if you left something at home, and you can open the soft copy of that document. It would also be helpful to scan pictures of drawings and other stuff by your kids to help preserve the art.


Doing everything by yourself at all times can be overwhelming and only stress you out. Instead of running things around by yourself, it is essential that tasks are being delegated accordingly. This can be applied at home. Even 2-year olds can pick up their own toys, and other children can do other chores appropriate for their age. Post a list of tasks, so everyone gets to see that everyone is doing their jobs, and they can check it off as soon as they are done. Rewards are great to give and can be motivating and reinforcing, especially for the children.

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