Fashion Fixers


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  • HYPOALLERGENIC DOUBLE-SIDED, CLEAR, SELF-ADHESIVE STRIPS THAT ARE PRE-CUT FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Fashion Fixers by Gaudy Guru are a woman’s best friend. Not only do they save you from wardrobe malfunction but serve as an efficient grooming tool. Fashion Fixers by Gaudy Guru uses safe medical grade adhesive that adheres to both skin and fabric.
  • CONVENIENT FUMBLE-FREE CONTAINER WITH CRACK AND PEEL LINER FOR EASE OF USE. The tape is lined on both sides, and the liner comes off easily just by bending the tape slightly. It is transparent so that it will hide easily no matter the fabric color. These fashion fixers are a Great Gift Idea. These are perfect for women servers, flight attendants, medical professional, etc. who have to lean over a lot during their work. Just tape your necklines and feel confident, leaning over. No more peep shows, ladies!
  • CREATE FALSE LAPELS ON A CARDIGAN, CLOSE GAPS IN SWEATERS AND BLOUSES. If you’ve got a crew neck cardigan and would instead that the top flaps sit open, fold them back to create the look of false lapels, and tape the little triangles of the sweater to the body of the cardigan using Gaudy Guru Fashion Fixers self-adhesive strips.
  • SECURE BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT COLLARS, BUTTON-FRONT SHIRTS, AND HIDE THOSE PEEK-A-BOO DRESS STRAPS, BELTS, SHOE STRAPS, WRAP STYLE TOPS, AND SO MUCH MORE. Decide how much of a v-neckline you want to create and tape the collar to the shirt body. Quickly secure the gaps between a button-down shirt, hide unwanted bra straps or tack the loose end of a belt to its shape or keep shoe straps in place. Make a neckline more modest! Just tape the loose fabric to your body to decrease or tighten necklines.
Dimensions 0.6 × 2 × 3.6 in
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