Lobe Fixers


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  • PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Lobe Fixers by Gaudy Guru prevents earlobe from tear and laceration. If you love wearing bold, statement style earrings, you should start taking preventive action, so you don’t end up tearing your earlobe. Else soon, it will be goodbye earrings.
  • AVOID EXPENSIVE SURGERY. If your ear lobes are torn, and you are seriously considering surgery, here is the good news! Lobe Fixers provide STABLE SUPPORT TO ALREADY TORN EARLOBES, so you don’t have to be under the knife.
  • MEDICAL GRADE HYPOALLERGENIC EMULSION FREE ADHESIVE. Gaudy Guru ensures that only the best quality materials go into the making of Lobe Fixers to ensure maximum safety and comfort to your skin.
  • PERFORATED HONEYCOMB DESIGN FOR BREATHABILITY. The unique design on our Lobe Fixers makes them stick better while being breathable, so they don’t come off in hot weather due to sweating.
  • INVISIBLE, EASY TO USE, AND ECONOMICALLY PACKAGED. Lobe fixers are invisible and discreet, very easy to apply, comes in an economical and convenient package with 240 patches.
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