Lobe Fixers


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  • Are you tired of saying goodbye to your favorite statement earrings due to torn earlobes? Look no further than Lobe Fixers by Gaudy Guru – the solution to your problem! With the belief that prevention is better than cure, Lobe Fixers help prevent earlobe tear and laceration, ensuring you can continue to rock your favorite bold earrings without worry.
  • If you’re already experiencing torn earlobes and surgery seems like the only option, think again! Lobe Fixers provide stable support for already torn earlobes, saving you from expensive and painful surgery.
  • At Gaudy Guru, your safety and comfort are our top priority. That’s why Lobe Fixers are made with only the best quality materials, including a medical-grade, hypoallergenic emulsion-free adhesive.
  • Our unique perforated honeycomb design not only ensures maximum adhesion but also breathability, so they won’t come off in hot weather due to sweating.
  • Lobe Fixers are not only effective but also discreet and easy to use. They come in an economically packaged set of 240 patches, making them a great value for your money. Say goodbye to torn earlobes and hello to your favorite statement earrings with Lobe Fixers by Gaudy Guru!

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