The Benefits of Multi-Masking

An excellent way to relax and wind down is to have a good “me time” for a quick fifteen minutes, and a facial mask is one beneficial go-to product. Masks have been evolving in so many ways applying multiple masks at the same time can maximize your skincare benefits.

Here are some tips for what mask to use and where to put it.

Problem: Dry skin
Solution: Moisturizing mask
How it helps: Masks with oil base can relieve dry skin. A thick cream mask can help hydrate skin without clogging pores, and the forehead or the apples of your cheeks could use some extra care. To keep up the moisture, wipe off with a towel instead of rinsing it out.

Problem: Dark under-eye circles
Solution: Under-eye sheet mask
How it helps: Putting a sheet mask underneath your eyes will minimize dark circles and puffiness. You can put the sheets in the fridge to maximize the cooling effect.

Problem: Irritated skin
Solution: Soothing/calming mask
How it helps: Applying lots of different face products can eventually irritate your skin. A soothing or calming mask is very helpful for this problem. Use masks that contain oatmeal and aloe to relieve your skin of redness and irritation.

Problem: Anti-aging
Solution: Brightening
How it helps: Giving your face a youthful glow will need a mask that contains exfoliating acids and brightening vitamins. Algae is also a key ingredient for brightening masks. When it comes to anti-aging, your cheeks and chin are the best parts to focus. If you want firmer skin, use a clay-based formula mask.

Problem: Breakouts
Solution: Detoxifying
How it helps: Use a thick layer of charcoal mask over the face with breakout areas. Charcoal masks help clear pore of dirt and impurities, not allowing pimples to surface. Clay masks are also beneficial in this matter. It usually contains vitamin e and antioxidants, which removes excess oils and dead skin cells, making your face glow.

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